Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well it has been a few days, okay a week or more since I have updated my blog. (smiles) I have just been really busy with making bears, teaching (homeschooling), as well as teaching (driver's Ed) and keeping up with my daily chores and going to Curve's daily, and being mom's I almost had to catch my breath writing it.

I have been dong fairly well with my Curve's. People have started to comment, so that is a nice thing. MIL was MIA for a couple weeks as she was in Texas with her daughter. She says she had a great time. My SIL's husband is in Iraq so he could use your prayers as well as my SIL.

My bears have been doing well... still building that business. I almost hate to call it a business as I just love making them. And can't keep them to am always looking for this little thing or that great piece of fabric to create my dresses. So much fun to create them!! It is also hard to sell them after I make them. I have to remind myself I can make another if wanted.
If you are needing great mulberry paper you need to visit, The Beary Scrap link that I have. It is the best paper.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tear Bears and news........Bears Exclusive to Ebay

It has been a great few weeks. Hope everyone had a great Easter!! We had some friends over after church and played Hand and Foot....great, fun game. If you have never played you should Google the rules and try it out. My littlest girl had a new dress and looked so pretty.

I have been busy making my bears and selling them on Ebay...some have done remarkably well. Others are so, so.....I am always in wonder of how some will do really well and one that you think will match that or do better doesn't.......

My husband is trying to get his (used)appliance store opened again. Long story of how he had one and then closed it...but it is a struggle to find the right store front and come up with the opening money. Just when things start looking up for him, something else to the neg. happens. Just have to pray......

Have a great day..........

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here are a few more of my Boutique tear bears.on Ebay...

Life has been going great here. We moved to this new home last Sept. When we moved we had to get rid of some of our animals. We lived on a farm and were now moving to town....any how we had to give away my daughters Golden Retriever, it was a sad moment for us all. Well after 8 months we have him back!! My daugter of course is thrilled, as I am for her. It broke my heart to watch her cry her eye's out. I will post a pic. later of them.

Here are my bears, and you can find them on Ebay under the seller name bargainonellc