Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to wish all my followers a Happy New Year! Please be safe out there. As an instructor I see the statistics for drunk drivers. They are out at night and especially on occasions like these. So if you don't need to be on the road, don't. And if you plan on going out plan on a sober driver, please. Okay I will get off my soap

Here is a New Year file for you. I think these would look so cute with bears sitting in them. I just might do that today, if I do I will show you.

Get it here New

Have a Safe and Blessed day!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big thanks to my husband!!

Yeah!! for Kenn. I was showing him what I had done to my blog, and he figured out what I had done wrong. Thank goodness for the second pair of eyes.  So now I can give a cutting file with that off my mind. How do you like it? I had some fun making it, I might start making templetes on a second blog. We will have to see ;)

So how did your Christams go? Mine went well, saw family we don't get to hang with on a regular basis. Everyone loved my cards.Of course that there can just about make a crafters day, right I do have one or two to show you, I will try and get that done tomorrow.

Here is a bowl of hot soup for you to stay warm with. ;)

Get it here bowl of

Have a blessed day!

Please excuse the mess.

Okay, I haven't totally figured out this html code yet. So if you know how I can raise my right side bar up, I would soooo appreciate the help. Any how please visit me again later and I will have up a new cutting file.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Almost Christmas

I just can't believe that it is almost Christmas....someone said to me the other day about something happening next year and I was taken back to think, ya it is almost next year.....WOW! 

Not lot's going on, just getting finishing touches done. I will be making some more cards for Christmas today, and if they turn out nice I will show I plan on using some of my paper piecings, it will give you an idea how you can use them too ;)

I will be off for the next two weeks and I plan on getting some scrapping done as well as some bears. I haven't made a bear in a while and I have all these cute dress idea's that would be great for winter. So my plan is to make one a day....we will

Here is Christmas light

Have a very blessed day!!
Oh, and I have been successful at the svg file types so e-mail me to let me know if you want one. Please leave me a message that you are getting my files and let me know how thye are working for you. ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh what fun this Morning!!

Okay so I have to keep telling myself that I will learn this code thing....but oh my word!! I had the header all done and hit the wrong key and POOF! gone. Can we just scream......I know you all know what I I just have to laugh it off and start again later when I have time. For those wondering I have been working on making my own templete for my blog. The one that I have up now was made by someone else and she is not going to be hosting them after the first so I decided I would give it a try myself.

Any way enough of the rambling. Here is another one that I think would be great for cards. Let me know that you got one. I see they are being down loaded but I would love to here from you too. Even see how they are being used. ;)

Get it here buck and

May you all have a blessed day!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is everyone ready for Christmas

 have been really busy gettting the last minute things. I am sure you have too. Just ended another class and they all passed well. Makes a teacher feel pretty good when you see your class get it. Drivers Ed today isn't what it was for many of us that are putting our teens through it. The final it's self is 86 questions.

On another note I have been playing around with making a new blog background and it is stressing me out a bit. I am not that techy, so it takes a lot of hit and miss. I won't however use this blog to do it. I made a practice

I did however stumble my way through making a svg file out of the train and sent it off to one of my followers. I hope it worked. Please if I ever make one that does not work let me know and I will redo it.

Here is a

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Here is a great silhouette

Found this and decided this would make a great file for a card. Hope you enjoy. I have requests for other file types, remember to give me your e-mail and I can get one to you. One of theses days I will put up a zipped file of all types. I just have to figure it Off to drive students....

Here is a

Have a great day!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Morning.....a train cutting file for you.

Not much going on here in my world, just the same ole thing. I do however love my night drives with the students as I get to look at all the beautiful light displays that people are putting up. There is this one that is so great. They have it hooked up to a radio station and the lights go off and on like a dance all over the yard to the is great!!

Here is a

To make cars to go with it just make some retangular cuts and cut extra tires.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Morning to all!!

Not to much going on here. Trying to decide when to put up the Christams decorations?? Sometime this week for sure. Had to wait till the carpets were cleaned and that is today. My new job is great, still an independant contractor, so I really work for myself. But anyways I have made a few files so here is one for you to enjoy.

Here it is Christams

Have a blessed day!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Started a new job!

Yes you read it right, a new job. No, I haven't stopped my Driver's Ed, I just added another job. I am now offering my cleaning services. I use to clean homes years ago. I decided to start that up again, doing just one a day. Well I got a call, and a company who has apartments answered,long story short I now clean them when people move out. Start my first one today.  They aren't very big but they will be detail cleaned. I might take on a couple more companies, I think I like the idea of cleaning and empty place vs. a full one for the same fee.

Any ways keeping with the festive time here is another file for you. Remember I can get you one in other file types if needed. You will need to add some detail lines. Remove the stars and add some dots?? Up to you.

Here it it is

Have a very blessed day!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A candy cane for your cutting file library

Just playing around this morning and having coffee. trying to make Christmas things to use for cards and pages. Also working on Maranda and Emma's posters for the parade float. We have a Christmas parade here and our 4-h group is going to have a float, so I am making the posters for the sides of the truck. As well as Emma is in the childrens choir and she has to preform before the parade. Lots to do!!

Here is the file candy

Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I have been busy making cards

So I have been up to making cards for Christmas with my daughter Maranda. We are having a great time. So I haven't had a great deal of time to make cutting files. I have been making each card design into sets (making more than one). I have three almost completely done. I have to put the greating on one of them and then I will show it to you. But theses are two that I have done. I just wish I would have remembered to iron the ribbon on the one, UGG!! But I am sure the receiver will still enjoy it.

Also if you like Christain Radio and don't have a station in your area if you scroll down and to the right there is a link that will take you to one that is in my area and you can listen on-line. They play all the conteporary as well as I believe they have a link if you would like to here some classics. Enjoy!!

So here they are and I hope you have a very blessed day!!

May you all have a blessed day!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have it partially figured out!

Thanks to a friend (Kimm ;) across the states I have figured out how I can give you an svg file. But I am not going to at this time be able to have it for instant down load. In time yes. As soon as I figure out how to list all file types at any how if you are interest in a svg of any files you will need to e-mail me. I will then send it to you. Make sure you put in the subject what file you are wanting. So if you go to my contact me at the top of the page it will take you to my e-mail link.

So are you all ready for the family, the cooking? Me,partially, still have to get a couple things make the pies today. I or should I say my son, makes fresh pumpkin pie. We use real pumpkin in our pies. Hey I was watching a cooking show and did you know that most canned pumpkin is yellow squash with pumpkin?? That is why someones fresh made tastes so different.

So I may not get on in a couple days with the family and the shopping on Black Friday. Yes, I am one who gets up and goes real early to the you get some really great deals. but who knows I might need to

Oh, and I know that I have links for paper piecing and tear bear instructions listed they are coming soon.

So here is your file for today

Have a blessed Thanksging!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Morning to you all!

Well I was just sitting here reading posts and the news. I like the posts much out the window of my new scrap room and thinking of all the wonderful things that I can be thankful for. With Thanksgiving this week, it has settled upon me the need to look at the positives over the negitives. I think we tend to do that to much in our lives, giving over more power and energy to negitive things.
Thanksgiving just happens to be our favorite holiday around here. It comes with family gathering without expectations and disappointments that can come with Christmas at times.  Not that there is a lot of that around here, just that it can happen. So I hope you all with look to the positives this day and enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving. :)

Now on a creative note. I have some Christmas items coming up for you. I did put together my turkey, but I created the elements out of order so I will have to make him and post a pic if someone wants. I just hate when I do that, then I think I don't want to go back. So I have a few things that I have made that are like me likeing order, I just can't bring myself to post them. I know that are still usable and that you all would ge thte idea...well any way here is a Christmas stocking for you to use.

Christams Stocking here christmas

May you all have a blessed and creative day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are moved!!

What a blessing to be moved and almost totally unpacked. I even painted my craft room.  I have to color the rest of the house still, it is all white.  The craft room however looked like the yellow of dewalt tools, YUCK!! It was so terrible. So I guess the whole house wasn't white. 3 out of the 5 bedrooms were other than white.

So now I have to do some catching up and see what everyone has been creating.  I get so inspired by all of you.

I have this branch for you to use. I have had questions if I could put them up in svg's? But I don't know how to do that one. I can do a gif, ai, wpc and a couple others. If someone would share with me what to do, I would be more than happy to list all types.

Here is the branch

Hope you all have a blessed night!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Falling Leaves

We got the keys to our new home!!  So we will be moving for the next week, and I will not be putting up files most likely. So here is one before I am off and running.  One of my favorite things is fall and so here are some leaves for you. Also there is a great site called Creative Busy Hands and she has several blogs that have files and I have for some time used her digital links. So be sure to go and see.

Get it here fall

Need another file type let me know

Have a blessed day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Having a Sunshine Day!!

We are going to begin to move to our new home....Yeah!! So that makes the whole family really happy. It will be so nice to be settled and not have to move until I am old and unless the Lord decides we need to move, I better leave room for

I have put together this little sun for you to enjoy. I hope your week-end is filled with sunshine!!

Here it is happy

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Penguin for your cutting file library

I think this little guy will look so cute when he is all cut out and given detail by chalking. Still just playing around. Trying to figure out how I could share all the file types with you in just one click. I know I could list each one, but I would rather send it to a person one at a time. :)

Here it is

Have a blessed day!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Ric Rac for you to cut.

Morning all!! I have been up since 5:30 and then decided I wanted to play around again. Not lots to say other than I hope your day is filled with sunshine.

Here is the file ric

Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tree Cutting File for your Pazzles, Cricut

Here I am this morning playing around again. Basically I have been challenging myself to get this machine all figured out. Why have this wonderful machine and not find out what is all capable of,right. And you all get to be benifactor's. ;)

I don't have to go to work till this evening, so I think I will be able to get some scrapping done. I know, I know but I am moving? Well I am not going to be able to really get moved till this week-end, so I plan on playing part of the day. I was on a design team when I moved last time and they didn't like I packed my scrap room so soon, and maybe they were right. ;) 

Oh, and about this house I will be able to have my own room again instead of sharing the family room area that I have right now. That is so EXCITING!!

Here it is tree

Need another file type leave me a message.

Hope you all have a blessed day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Cookie Jar file for your Pazzles, Cricut, and other

Get in here cookie

I was having coffee again this morning and made you all another file. With the holidays coming up I thought a cookie jar might be a great item for you all. I know that I will be using it too.

Not much going on, Kenn will be insulating his new shop today I believe, YEAH!! He will be getting back into the used appliance bussiness . The new house makes it possible. And we won't have a huge overhead as we did with the store front.

Well better get, Have a blessed day!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Morning!!

Well I am up having coffee and and have made some more files to share. I just can't help myself. :) Rest of the family is still sleeping. We go to second service so they get to sleep in.

I was over at Stampin Sisters In Christ and was just reminded of how valuable we are to our Father. If you need to be lifted up this morning I would head over there. There is a blinky to get there on the right.

Get it here fall

Leaves are not attached so you can move them around. Have fun with it. Need a different file type let me know.

Hope you all have a blessed day!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin file for you

Get it here

Just having my coffee this morning and thought I would share another free file.  I love differnt types of pumpkins. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It comes without the expectations of Christmas with good food and family around.

Remember if you need it in another format leave me a message and I will get one to you. ;)

Now as to the moving... we are still waiting to get into the house. The people who were renting the house are taking a while to move out. UGG!! and we gave notice on this house, so I am feeling a bit stressed as to getting moved, as well as excited to pick paints and color my house ;)  As well as I am the one in the family that puts on the Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration. So as you could imagine I want things to be in order and look there best for the occasion.

Any ways I better get, Hope you have a blessed day!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Bee

Get it here

I think I am going to become addicted to making these files. This little bee is in an ai file, but if you want another type leave me a message and I will send it to you. I have several more that I have made. I can't believe it has taken me this long to finally decide to sit down and make patterns. I have drawings that I will be making into files after the move.

Now for the good news..........we signed paper work for our new house...YEAH!!  I will put up pics after we have moved.  We have to put the yard in in the spring but what fun!! I like to garden as well.

Have a blessed day!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bubble Tree for your Pazzle's in an WPC file

Here is another for you to enjoy. My daughter asked me to show her how to make files this morning so here is the result of one.  I also included an extra trunk.

You can get it here bubble tree.WPC

I can put up a different file type just leave me a message and I will send it to you.

Have a blessed day!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My first cutting Pazzles ai file and it's Free "Layered Nested Flower"

I am going to be attempting some cutting files.... Wish me luck as I am not very techy. I usually just figure things out by hit and miss.........I know I am not the only one out there. ;)

I have this wonderful Pazzles and thought I would sit down and see if I could come up with some files. I have to scan in some of them still but here is one that I did today.

You can get it here layered

Leave me a note that you got it please.

Have a Blessed Day!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lisa is having a sale. Her piecings are great and easy to put together. :) Good Luck Lisa!!

We are still in the middle of the paper work and talking over our prospective new home. It will be a great last move for us. Though it needs some yard work and some paint inside (white walls, YUK!) it will be a great home. It has this huge shop and you can just imagine Kenn is very excited. So if you pray, please pray that we get moved soon. Hope all is well out there with all my blogger friends.

On a creative note. I haven't made any new bears still have some I made this summer and haven't listed. Not sure if I will get them up any time soon. I am also in the middle of designing my daughters wedding invitations. I will show you all as soon as I get them done. ;)

Work is going well, my students are great! I have done 8 of my required teachers continued training, and have another 8 to go. I believe I may be driving to Olympia, Wa. to do them on Friday. I will have to leave really early in the morning, like 3 am. Yes I will need

Have a blessed day, Sherry

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have these Cuties on Ebay

I have been playing around with digital scrapbooking lately, Not that I am just wanted to make some layouts that a paper scrapper might want to scraplift, use for templetes. I haven't chosen gray scal as I wanted to give you a bit more. I am new to digital so it is taking me a while to educate myself. Kimm (a friend) can just whip this stuff out she amazes me with her computer knowledge,I wish she lived close. ;)

So I also made this up for you to use. You could change the papers or what ever.....just thought it might spark and idea or two. Happy Scrapping!

Have a blessed day, Sherry

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Designer Scrapbook Sketch Template

Click on picture to see larger

Okay this was challenging for I was wanting to make a Designer Scrapbook Sketch for my followers.  This is my very first one ever. I will be using bears in my sketches as I love to make and sell my Tear Bears, but a person could use just about any paper piecing. You could add elements or take away, change paper colors if you would like too.Just hope to spark your paper piecing projects.

There are many paper piecings out there, I have a few of my favs listed to the right. If interested in a bear let me know I do custom orders.

Let me know what you think and if you use it send it to me and I will post it. I will eventually be having challenges.

Have a blessed night!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Kids Tear Bears on Ebay

Pumpkin Kids

I made these two sets for my Ebay Customers. I just love how the pumpkins turned out.

Well my daughter has set a date for her wedding, Jan. 9, 2010. We are very pleased with the young man that we will be giving her away to. He loves the Lord first of all and just loves and adores her. He will be a very welcome added son to our family. Now I have lots to do. I have to make wedding invites...YIKES!  No bears she say could be cute I tell her. But I am sure my fingers would be you imagine tearing that many bears.

Hope you all have a blessed day!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch Tear Bear

This pumpkin turned out really cute! I made this bear with brown eyes instead of the blue. He/she will be on Ebay hopefully by tomorrow as well as some embellies to go with, just had to give my followers a sneak peak.

Work is going well, slowed down as I have said already. Now I plan on getting into my scrapping again and creating for Ebay customers. I also have some fun things in store for scrapbookers coming soon, so be on the look out. :)

Have a blessed day! Sherry

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Boutique Fabric Dress Tear Bear on Ebay

I got another bear done with some extra's. She turned out really cute with her girly fabric dress and bows in her hair. I decided to offer the title banner and some flowers too. I like things in sets. None of the embellishments are attached so that they coud be placed where the crafter would want them.

I hope you find her and these embellishments inspiring!!
Have A Blessed Day!!

Good Morning All!!

I just had to pop on and show you what I did with one of Lisa's Patterns. These are decorations for our fair stalls, my children show sheep. The theme was Baaaaa....d Enough To Wear Pink with a 50's twist. My daughter played with the photo's and I put these together. I thought they turned out real cute.

Today will be a fun day for me I get to spend some time scrapping again. I have almost put together an embellishment set for scrap pages. I will hopefully have it done today if not tomorrow. ;)

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Won Best Of Show

Just had to share where I have been for the last week. I won Best Of Show at the Fair....yeah!! I had entered a set of 6 note cards.

My daughter won First(YEAH!!) in both her Sheep Classes as well. We did really good this year. I don't have the pics from the fair yet as my camera decided to die, and my friend has the pics still. But as soon as she sends them to me I will share. I took thee with my dauhgters camera once we were home.

Life is slowing down now that the fairs are over. Work has slowed as well. So that means I will get to have fun creating again. I have plans to do more scrapping and have joined a couple of scrap sites to get my own picturs scraped.

I added a few fun things to share on my blog that I thought scrappers and card makers alike might enjoy. As well as it just puts it all right there at a click of a mouse for me. :)

Oh, ya I might get to go on a scrap get away as well, I hope it works out that I can go. It will be at the end of Oct.

Hope you all have a blessed day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunshine Tear Bear Embellishment listed on Ebay

I have been telling you that I have bears just waiting to get listed. Well I finally got it done, well at least one of She is so sweet and I have her captured using a piece of MME Laundry Line,she would go so perfect with this paper.

She could also be used for some of the Orange and other friut layout's.

I hand sew all my dresses and add detail.

Well I am really happy that I will have more time again to do my scrapping, now that summer is over. I have all these idea's and just can't wait to get them on I have one more fair that will be this week. I will also be entering one of my cards in the fair, so wish me luck!!

Have a blessed day! Sherry

Monday, September 14, 2009

Please excuse the mess

I am redoing my blog and I am not the best at please be patient. I will get it together.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Needing Help Please....

Okay the skinny is that I was wondering if there are any of you out there that might help me out. I have fianlly talked my boss into redecorating the school room and office( Driver's Ed.) Any how in the process I had made these three signs that I plan on laminating and hanging around the class room. But I want to surprise my boss with all of them at the same time. But I am limited on time.

So my question is can any of you help by making me a sign and sending it to me?? I will do the laminating and putting in the eyelet to hold them.

Here is what I did... I took the back layer of 12 x 12 cardstock (textured) and just used my corner rounder on it. Then trimed off a 1/4 in on the next 12 x 12 and layered it. Then I made my flagger, light ahead and so on.....

I will be needing only one of each. I need them to be in the same sizing that I made. 12 x 12. Colors need to be as true as possible. I would like them to be textured as well, but beggers can't be choosers I

Advanced warning Bicycles
stop ahead
pedestrian crossing
cross road
winding road
wrong way----------being done Thank You!!!
do not enter--------being done Thank You!!
no right turn
speed limit 55------being done Thank You!!!
no u turn
hospital------being done Thank You!!
do not pass
stop-----this one is being done Thank You!!

Here is a site to look at to see these signs,

If you will help me out, just leave me a comment or contact me through e-mail, telling me which sign you would like to make. If you go to my information page you can e-mail me from there.

Have a blessed day.....Sherry

Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday Invitation using a digi stamp

Okay, I just had to share this card that I made into a set of birthday invites for my youngest. I did do up the inside too, but I wrote my personal info so I am not showing it, sorry.. ;)

I used a sketch from Inky Impressions challenge this week and tweaked it a bit. I used lot's of layers and the papers are from the sweet stack by DCWV. I haven't been able to buy myself copics yet but I am saving. I did however use my SU pens with a blender pen. Flowers and the "it's a party" are popped.

Thanks for looking and have a blessed night!!