Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Kids Tear Bears on Ebay

Pumpkin Kids

I made these two sets for my Ebay Customers. I just love how the pumpkins turned out.

Well my daughter has set a date for her wedding, Jan. 9, 2010. We are very pleased with the young man that we will be giving her away to. He loves the Lord first of all and just loves and adores her. He will be a very welcome added son to our family. Now I have lots to do. I have to make wedding invites...YIKES!  No bears she say could be cute I tell her. But I am sure my fingers would be you imagine tearing that many bears.

Hope you all have a blessed day!!


  1. Love it! The pumpkin looks perfect! You might as well want to know the range and quality of scrapbooking papers I found at Christina’s Crafts. Worth Checking!

  2. As always just ADORABLE Sherry. :) Love your bears darling!



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