Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lisa is having a sale. Her piecings are great and easy to put together. :) Good Luck Lisa!!

We are still in the middle of the paper work and talking over our prospective new home. It will be a great last move for us. Though it needs some yard work and some paint inside (white walls, YUK!) it will be a great home. It has this huge shop and you can just imagine Kenn is very excited. So if you pray, please pray that we get moved soon. Hope all is well out there with all my blogger friends.

On a creative note. I haven't made any new bears still have some I made this summer and haven't listed. Not sure if I will get them up any time soon. I am also in the middle of designing my daughters wedding invitations. I will show you all as soon as I get them done. ;)

Work is going well, my students are great! I have done 8 of my required teachers continued training, and have another 8 to go. I believe I may be driving to Olympia, Wa. to do them on Friday. I will have to leave really early in the morning, like 3 am. Yes I will need prayer...lol.....

Have a blessed day, Sherry

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