Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have been adding things to my blog as I run across free things to add. I have found most of them by looking at other blogs that have them. Like the fedit, that lets me see the traffic to my blog and let me tell you it is off to a sad I was hoping that I would share my passion for scrapbooking and get to share a bit with others. But maybe I will be sharing for my own delight! Oh, well I will stick with it.

Right now I am trying to add the music. I have to some how make a library using this sight and then add it to my blog. So that will be next when I figure it out.

I haven't been able to finish my latest layout yet...way to busy!! Having to work and school the kids, well it doesn't leave me much time for just myself and my scrapping. I do how ever have plans for a chick and a bunny. I hope to do one of them today. Wish me luck!

MIL and I have been at our Curves this week, and am I glad. I hated not getting there last week. Well be on the look out if you find your way here for my new creations.

I have this Pazzles for sale in my store if anyone is interested. I just bought a bigger one. So there is nothing wrong with it. Here is the link to my store. It is at Etsy under the seller name bearycrafty.

Have a blessed day!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

TGIF!! I am glad of that, but I missed two days at Curves this week. Missing the days makes me feel guilty. MIL hasn't been either, so I am sure she is going to feel it on Monday.

This is a card that is available on my Etsy site. I have it listed here somewhere.

I haven't been able to do much in the creative department of my life. I have some idea's. I plan on making a new Easter chick. I am going to compile all of my designs one of these days and offer them on a c-d for the do it yourself person. Or maybe better yet I will put them on my blog as a freebie. Like those who offer the freebie Friday's. That's an idea.....have to think on that one.

How does one add the files to your blog?? I would really appreciate if someone would let me know. ;)

Hope well!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well we are off on another week!! Actually we are half way through this one. Boy time is just sailing us buy. That is why I have decided not to sell so many of my premade pages, I need to focus on my own scrap books. But I still love sharing my idea's and so I make paper piecings that I am using as well as make up embellishment kits. One thing about my my stuff you won't find it any where else. Oh, I will on the occassion offer a premade page. Or I will assemble a kit, but it will cost extra. ;)

I have finally decided that my so called frog is really a turtle so I had to go back to the drawing board and I made this new frog. I have an older one I made last year in my store, but I think I like this one better. What do you think?

MIL and I have been absent to curves for two days now. I can't stand it I feel like I am being cheated out of the kids all had appointments and they were in the my time slot for my work out. Oh, well I will have to work extra hard tomorrow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here is the set completed that I have for sale. I wanted to show you what it could look like when you put yours together. I have this set for sale in my Etsy store. It is You will be able to make this your own and the pieces I have made will help you do that. You can add your own idea's and make it uniquely your own. Great set to take to a crop! Have fun!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It has really been a busy week for me!! I am having to adjust to working and being mom still as well as having the time to srap. I just need to have a 36 hour day, how about I could accomplish all the things I think of.

Good news!! MIL has lost 15 ppunds, YEAH MOM!!! I just told her this morning that I was keeping track of our results on my blog. It will be fun to show before and after pics onw day soon hopefully..;)

I did how ever create this new frog?? turtle?? What do you think it looks like? Please post a message and give your opinion. I need a scrap saying for a turtle if I decide to go with that, so idea's for a title would be great too.

Hope all have had a great week!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Curves is going great!!

What a day!! I went and signed in today to Curves and got going on the new Curves Smart system they have. Any how I had to retake all my stats and I have lost 7 pounds and several inches!! And that was in three weeks, well by a day or two. I was really thrilled with the results of it. The new system will take some getting use to, but over all a really great work out. MIL will take hers on Friday and get going on the same system. I can't wait to see her results... ;)

As to anything new in my scrappin'. I have made this new set that I am going to be offering. I have been so busy with work I am not getting the scrapping done that I would like to.

I know I still have to figure out the cutting files too.. lol...I need to be three people!!

Work is going great. I just started teaching my first adult to drive. She is a little oriental lady, very nice and very scared at learning this new skill. I took her to a big empty parking lot and she learned to start the car and go forward and some hand over hand steering and of course breaking evenly. What Fun!!

TTYL and have a blessed day

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busier than ever

Well, I certainly dont' have it down as of yet to get my blog done on a more daily routine. Maybe one of these days I will. I just seem to be to busy with my 4 children and homeschooling them to working. And then of course I have my scrapping that I absoulutly love to do. Then there are the doctor appointments and I am sure I do not need to go I am sure many can

MIL and I are still doing great at our Curves. I am to proud of her, as she was really out of shape and in our first week I was worried that she wouldn't make it, or would give up, as it really is a big deal for her to keep it up. But, she is doing really great and loves going. At first she could barely make it around, now on the third week I could see that she was gaining strength and able to complete the rounds easier. Way to go MOM!!! As for me, I am noticing changes in my strength and my inches, YEAH!! In fact at work, one of my students shyly asked, "Mrs. Bishop are you losing weight?, Yes, Well good for you!!"

Okay onto my scrapping, I almost have a kit ready. I will post it her and it will be available at Etsy. if you don't have an account with Etsy it is really easy and free. I will post a link to it as soon as it is done.

I will also see if I can get a free cutting file up soon too. But all in due time...

Have a blessed game day!!!