Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Curves is going great!!

What a day!! I went and signed in today to Curves and got going on the new Curves Smart system they have. Any how I had to retake all my stats and I have lost 7 pounds and several inches!! And that was in three weeks, well by a day or two. I was really thrilled with the results of it. The new system will take some getting use to, but over all a really great work out. MIL will take hers on Friday and get going on the same system. I can't wait to see her results... ;)

As to anything new in my scrappin'. I have made this new set that I am going to be offering. I have been so busy with work I am not getting the scrapping done that I would like to.

I know I still have to figure out the cutting files too.. lol...I need to be three people!!

Work is going great. I just started teaching my first adult to drive. She is a little oriental lady, very nice and very scared at learning this new skill. I took her to a big empty parking lot and she learned to start the car and go forward and some hand over hand steering and of course breaking evenly. What Fun!!

TTYL and have a blessed day

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