Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have it partially figured out!

Thanks to a friend (Kimm ;) across the states I have figured out how I can give you an svg file. But I am not going to at this time be able to have it for instant down load. In time yes. As soon as I figure out how to list all file types at any how if you are interest in a svg of any files you will need to e-mail me. I will then send it to you. Make sure you put in the subject what file you are wanting. So if you go to my contact me at the top of the page it will take you to my e-mail link.

So are you all ready for the family, the cooking? Me,partially, still have to get a couple things make the pies today. I or should I say my son, makes fresh pumpkin pie. We use real pumpkin in our pies. Hey I was watching a cooking show and did you know that most canned pumpkin is yellow squash with pumpkin?? That is why someones fresh made tastes so different.

So I may not get on in a couple days with the family and the shopping on Black Friday. Yes, I am one who gets up and goes real early to the you get some really great deals. but who knows I might need to

Oh, and I know that I have links for paper piecing and tear bear instructions listed they are coming soon.

So here is your file for today

Have a blessed Thanksging!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Morning to you all!

Well I was just sitting here reading posts and the news. I like the posts much out the window of my new scrap room and thinking of all the wonderful things that I can be thankful for. With Thanksgiving this week, it has settled upon me the need to look at the positives over the negitives. I think we tend to do that to much in our lives, giving over more power and energy to negitive things.
Thanksgiving just happens to be our favorite holiday around here. It comes with family gathering without expectations and disappointments that can come with Christmas at times.  Not that there is a lot of that around here, just that it can happen. So I hope you all with look to the positives this day and enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving. :)

Now on a creative note. I have some Christmas items coming up for you. I did put together my turkey, but I created the elements out of order so I will have to make him and post a pic if someone wants. I just hate when I do that, then I think I don't want to go back. So I have a few things that I have made that are like me likeing order, I just can't bring myself to post them. I know that are still usable and that you all would ge thte idea...well any way here is a Christmas stocking for you to use.

Christams Stocking here christmas

May you all have a blessed and creative day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are moved!!

What a blessing to be moved and almost totally unpacked. I even painted my craft room.  I have to color the rest of the house still, it is all white.  The craft room however looked like the yellow of dewalt tools, YUCK!! It was so terrible. So I guess the whole house wasn't white. 3 out of the 5 bedrooms were other than white.

So now I have to do some catching up and see what everyone has been creating.  I get so inspired by all of you.

I have this branch for you to use. I have had questions if I could put them up in svg's? But I don't know how to do that one. I can do a gif, ai, wpc and a couple others. If someone would share with me what to do, I would be more than happy to list all types.

Here is the branch

Hope you all have a blessed night!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Falling Leaves

We got the keys to our new home!!  So we will be moving for the next week, and I will not be putting up files most likely. So here is one before I am off and running.  One of my favorite things is fall and so here are some leaves for you. Also there is a great site called Creative Busy Hands and she has several blogs that have files and I have for some time used her digital links. So be sure to go and see.

Get it here fall

Need another file type let me know

Have a blessed day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Having a Sunshine Day!!

We are going to begin to move to our new home....Yeah!! So that makes the whole family really happy. It will be so nice to be settled and not have to move until I am old and unless the Lord decides we need to move, I better leave room for

I have put together this little sun for you to enjoy. I hope your week-end is filled with sunshine!!

Here it is happy

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Penguin for your cutting file library

I think this little guy will look so cute when he is all cut out and given detail by chalking. Still just playing around. Trying to figure out how I could share all the file types with you in just one click. I know I could list each one, but I would rather send it to a person one at a time. :)

Here it is

Have a blessed day!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Ric Rac for you to cut.

Morning all!! I have been up since 5:30 and then decided I wanted to play around again. Not lots to say other than I hope your day is filled with sunshine.

Here is the file ric

Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tree Cutting File for your Pazzles, Cricut

Here I am this morning playing around again. Basically I have been challenging myself to get this machine all figured out. Why have this wonderful machine and not find out what is all capable of,right. And you all get to be benifactor's. ;)

I don't have to go to work till this evening, so I think I will be able to get some scrapping done. I know, I know but I am moving? Well I am not going to be able to really get moved till this week-end, so I plan on playing part of the day. I was on a design team when I moved last time and they didn't like I packed my scrap room so soon, and maybe they were right. ;) 

Oh, and about this house I will be able to have my own room again instead of sharing the family room area that I have right now. That is so EXCITING!!

Here it is tree

Need another file type leave me a message.

Hope you all have a blessed day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Cookie Jar file for your Pazzles, Cricut, and other

Get in here cookie

I was having coffee again this morning and made you all another file. With the holidays coming up I thought a cookie jar might be a great item for you all. I know that I will be using it too.

Not much going on, Kenn will be insulating his new shop today I believe, YEAH!! He will be getting back into the used appliance bussiness . The new house makes it possible. And we won't have a huge overhead as we did with the store front.

Well better get, Have a blessed day!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Morning!!

Well I am up having coffee and and have made some more files to share. I just can't help myself. :) Rest of the family is still sleeping. We go to second service so they get to sleep in.

I was over at Stampin Sisters In Christ and was just reminded of how valuable we are to our Father. If you need to be lifted up this morning I would head over there. There is a blinky to get there on the right.

Get it here fall

Leaves are not attached so you can move them around. Have fun with it. Need a different file type let me know.

Hope you all have a blessed day!!