Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another new creation.

Here is a great bear that I just created. I just love making new creatures. Now all I have to do is figure out how to draw them using my still draw out just about everything by hand. I need to get them into my Pazzles program so I don't have to do all the cutting. Any how I made another unique gift today. Here it is. It is a gift card holder, for giving those gift cards.

I have also been doing my Curves still, and it is going great. A friend of mine brought me over that new Acai berry juice. Forgot the name of the product. Any ways it seems to be taking the pain from my joints. I tell you I was very sceptical, so I told him let me see what I think at the end of the bottle. I will keep you updated.

Have a blessed day!! Sherry

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new Valentine creation.

I didn't plan on this Valentine gift. What I mean is I had a plan to make my kit for the month and wouldn't you know it I forgot that I needed something for my daughters to take to their 4-H auction. So I went to the store and came up with this. I also made one for a boy. They turned out so cute that I decided to make more of them and sell them in my Etsy store.

This is actually quite a nice size too. 4.5 x 11 x 3 and the candy is store bought wrapped and left that way. They are all in the shape of a heart, about the size of a fifty cent piece, and at least a half inch thick. There is creamy milk chocolate, crispies filled and peanutbutter filled. I tried the candies they are good ;) I knwo what about my watching it. Well I couldn't sell it if it had icky candy now could I. :)

Oh, and while I was at the store looking to make this I came up with another cute inexpensive gift. I will sharing it in the next couple of days.

Curves is going well for my MIL and I. We are both very pleased. As for me I am watching my carb intake as well. Bread is the downfall for me.....especially fresh, hot and covered in I will not have it!! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a week.

Missed a couple of days posting here. My week was full. I am sure I am dealing with what a lot of us deal with. Juggling life, work and our art. For me, I just can't seem to find all the time that I need to create all the pages and paper piecings that I think up. I mean everywhere you look you see idea's. What is a girl to do????

I hope to take this Sunday after chuch and design a new set of pages and get my kits going. I have several people in my home town area wanting to get my kits. So tomorrow will be the day to get that done!!

I have this new job as Drivers Ed. Instructor and I tell you, what a fun job!! I love it. It can be challenging once in a while when you get a student who hasn't been practicing.....OH MY, you can just thing I had to give a fail to a student today. It was my first. You just don't like days like that as a teacher. Well at least I don't. I did encourage her few, but strong points and sent you out with several pointers.

I will post my new creation tomorrow if completed. Oh, I almost forgot I wanted to post up this Pazzles that I have in my Etsy shop for sale. It is almost new. The only reason I am selling it is that I received a bigger one. So if you are interested in making your own paper piecings for scrapbooks or cards this is the cutting machine for you. You will never have to buy a cartridge!! Be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My store is coming a long Yeah!!

Today I added some paper piecings to my store today. Here are a couple that I wanted to share with you. Please check out my store on etsy to see what else I have to offer. Thanks Sherry

Monday, January 12, 2009

Started Curves today

Well today was the start of my new exercise program with my MIL. We signed up for the next year and are going 3 times a week. I hope to encourage readers to get out there and make your life better.

Both of us set goals to eat healthier and exercise. I will up date once a month to let you all know of our success. Wish us luck ;)

As to the scrapping aspect of my blog, well I have goals set and an order as to exicute them in. So things are coming. I tried with failure to get a slide show on. I will try again today and see what I am doing wrong. Wish my luck on that. If you have idea's let me know please.

I am also looking for the instruction on how to put up a file. I want a reader to be able to click on the file and down load it. Does any one know the trick? I will be offering paper piecings for cutting machines.

Well off to work for me. Sherry

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting Started..................

Well I wanted to kick off my new store on Etsy. So I decided to set this blog up to let ya all know about my work.
I will be specializing in Designer Scrapbook Kits. They will be limited as well. So you will have to grab them while you can. I will put up two to three new ones every month. Look for the first to come on or about the 27th of Jan.
I will also be adding Paper Piecings and Tear Bear Art in my store, for the do it yourself person. And I will also have completed pages for those of you who do not have the time to do any of it yourself, but love the art of scrapbooking.
I will be posting Scrap tips and free files for your cutting machines here on my blog. Please give me some time to get set up :) I use a Pazzles so it will either be a pazzles file or an ai file. But that is to come as soon as I get it all figured
Remember to check out my store on Etsy
Thanks for reading and many blessings Sherry