Monday, September 28, 2009

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch Tear Bear

This pumpkin turned out really cute! I made this bear with brown eyes instead of the blue. He/she will be on Ebay hopefully by tomorrow as well as some embellies to go with, just had to give my followers a sneak peak.

Work is going well, slowed down as I have said already. Now I plan on getting into my scrapping again and creating for Ebay customers. I also have some fun things in store for scrapbookers coming soon, so be on the look out. :)

Have a blessed day! Sherry

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Boutique Fabric Dress Tear Bear on Ebay

I got another bear done with some extra's. She turned out really cute with her girly fabric dress and bows in her hair. I decided to offer the title banner and some flowers too. I like things in sets. None of the embellishments are attached so that they coud be placed where the crafter would want them.

I hope you find her and these embellishments inspiring!!
Have A Blessed Day!!

Good Morning All!!

I just had to pop on and show you what I did with one of Lisa's Patterns. These are decorations for our fair stalls, my children show sheep. The theme was Baaaaa....d Enough To Wear Pink with a 50's twist. My daughter played with the photo's and I put these together. I thought they turned out real cute.

Today will be a fun day for me I get to spend some time scrapping again. I have almost put together an embellishment set for scrap pages. I will hopefully have it done today if not tomorrow. ;)

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Won Best Of Show

Just had to share where I have been for the last week. I won Best Of Show at the Fair....yeah!! I had entered a set of 6 note cards.

My daughter won First(YEAH!!) in both her Sheep Classes as well. We did really good this year. I don't have the pics from the fair yet as my camera decided to die, and my friend has the pics still. But as soon as she sends them to me I will share. I took thee with my dauhgters camera once we were home.

Life is slowing down now that the fairs are over. Work has slowed as well. So that means I will get to have fun creating again. I have plans to do more scrapping and have joined a couple of scrap sites to get my own picturs scraped.

I added a few fun things to share on my blog that I thought scrappers and card makers alike might enjoy. As well as it just puts it all right there at a click of a mouse for me. :)

Oh, ya I might get to go on a scrap get away as well, I hope it works out that I can go. It will be at the end of Oct.

Hope you all have a blessed day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunshine Tear Bear Embellishment listed on Ebay

I have been telling you that I have bears just waiting to get listed. Well I finally got it done, well at least one of She is so sweet and I have her captured using a piece of MME Laundry Line,she would go so perfect with this paper.

She could also be used for some of the Orange and other friut layout's.

I hand sew all my dresses and add detail.

Well I am really happy that I will have more time again to do my scrapping, now that summer is over. I have all these idea's and just can't wait to get them on I have one more fair that will be this week. I will also be entering one of my cards in the fair, so wish me luck!!

Have a blessed day! Sherry

Monday, September 14, 2009

Please excuse the mess

I am redoing my blog and I am not the best at please be patient. I will get it together.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Needing Help Please....

Okay the skinny is that I was wondering if there are any of you out there that might help me out. I have fianlly talked my boss into redecorating the school room and office( Driver's Ed.) Any how in the process I had made these three signs that I plan on laminating and hanging around the class room. But I want to surprise my boss with all of them at the same time. But I am limited on time.

So my question is can any of you help by making me a sign and sending it to me?? I will do the laminating and putting in the eyelet to hold them.

Here is what I did... I took the back layer of 12 x 12 cardstock (textured) and just used my corner rounder on it. Then trimed off a 1/4 in on the next 12 x 12 and layered it. Then I made my flagger, light ahead and so on.....

I will be needing only one of each. I need them to be in the same sizing that I made. 12 x 12. Colors need to be as true as possible. I would like them to be textured as well, but beggers can't be choosers I

Advanced warning Bicycles
stop ahead
pedestrian crossing
cross road
winding road
wrong way----------being done Thank You!!!
do not enter--------being done Thank You!!
no right turn
speed limit 55------being done Thank You!!!
no u turn
hospital------being done Thank You!!
do not pass
stop-----this one is being done Thank You!!

Here is a site to look at to see these signs,

If you will help me out, just leave me a comment or contact me through e-mail, telling me which sign you would like to make. If you go to my information page you can e-mail me from there.

Have a blessed day.....Sherry