Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have started seling my Tear Bears on Ebay again...

I am once again offering my scrap pieces on Ebay...I am under the seller id.. if you are ever interested in checking them out there and bidding stop by....

I have also opened a store on Etsy, but it doesn't seem to move as well. Maybe it's the catagory or maybe my art isn't liked as well by the knows. I do know that I love to create the bears and make unique paper piecing characters.

One of these days I will figure out how to put up files and share my creations.

Curves is still going great, all three of us are seeing results. We are stronger, loosing inches. I wish I had started years

Oh, some other great news is that I may get to open my very own scrap store, all smiles here. It has been a dream to have a store for years. My husband is thinking of opening an appliance store again and there is part of the store that would hold a scrap store as well. So we would share this building. but it is still up in the air for now.

Any how I hope all that read this have a great and blessed day!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Monday......

Yes, it's Monday and we have a whole new week a head of us. So that is something to smile about!!

Last night we had a special dinner for my third child. We gave her a ring that symbolizes purity and promise to keep herself pure until she is married. My other two have one as well and it is such a blessing to watch them grow and choose to keep themselves apart.

I did also happen to get more of my tear bears made. This one I am sharing today has curlers in her hair. I sell them on Ebay under bargainonellc and on Etsy as bearycrafty. So if you are interested in a bear you can get them there. They are really great fun to make, and after a full week it is so nice to sit down and create them.

Have a blessed week!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to making Tear bears

I just love making these bears and haven't had the time to do it in a while. So I made some time this week-end and I created 4 new ones. I make the dresses from fabric and then adhere them to my bears. I also made one wearing a boutique pajama, not quit finished yet though.

Curves is going well!! I started going 5 times a week now. Yeah!! for me. My daughter who is 16 has joined us, so that makes it fun. I enjoy having her.

Work is going well too. We are busy now that it is Spring and the threat of snow is gone. I am still loving the job.

Well got to run!1 Be blessed and have a great day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay I finally have my new chick done. I think it turned out really cute. She measures 4 x 7 and comes with two peek-a-boo's. I will also be making a boy one as well as a mother with her chicks. So there will be a little family. YOu can see the whole set in my store at Etsy.

Well it is Monday, and MIL have decided that it is the hardest day at Curves. I am signed up for the new Curves Smart program and it keeps sending me back to beginner because of attendance?? We signed up for three days a week and that is what I have been going?? Have to talk to the owner.

The Curves Smart program gives you that push that we all need. It also keeps track of your progress. I would recommend it for anyone.

Well work is getting busier. I am liking that! Seems the students don't like to drive in the winter. I would strongly suggest to anyone to have your son or daughter learn in the winter with an Instructor sitting right next to them. Rather then leaving them to themselves after they have their license......just some food for thought.

Have a blessed day!