Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busier than ever

Well, I certainly dont' have it down as of yet to get my blog done on a more daily routine. Maybe one of these days I will. I just seem to be to busy with my 4 children and homeschooling them to working. And then of course I have my scrapping that I absoulutly love to do. Then there are the doctor appointments and I am sure I do not need to go I am sure many can

MIL and I are still doing great at our Curves. I am to proud of her, as she was really out of shape and in our first week I was worried that she wouldn't make it, or would give up, as it really is a big deal for her to keep it up. But, she is doing really great and loves going. At first she could barely make it around, now on the third week I could see that she was gaining strength and able to complete the rounds easier. Way to go MOM!!! As for me, I am noticing changes in my strength and my inches, YEAH!! In fact at work, one of my students shyly asked, "Mrs. Bishop are you losing weight?, Yes, Well good for you!!"

Okay onto my scrapping, I almost have a kit ready. I will post it her and it will be available at Etsy. if you don't have an account with Etsy it is really easy and free. I will post a link to it as soon as it is done.

I will also see if I can get a free cutting file up soon too. But all in due time...

Have a blessed game day!!!

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