Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well it has been a few days, okay a week or more since I have updated my blog. (smiles) I have just been really busy with making bears, teaching (homeschooling), as well as teaching (driver's Ed) and keeping up with my daily chores and going to Curve's daily, and being mom's I almost had to catch my breath writing it.

I have been dong fairly well with my Curve's. People have started to comment, so that is a nice thing. MIL was MIA for a couple weeks as she was in Texas with her daughter. She says she had a great time. My SIL's husband is in Iraq so he could use your prayers as well as my SIL.

My bears have been doing well... still building that business. I almost hate to call it a business as I just love making them. And can't keep them to am always looking for this little thing or that great piece of fabric to create my dresses. So much fun to create them!! It is also hard to sell them after I make them. I have to remind myself I can make another if wanted.
If you are needing great mulberry paper you need to visit, The Beary Scrap link that I have. It is the best paper.

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