Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have camping pics!!

I haven't posted anything in a week as I was camping then I forgot the camera in the 5th wheel...ugg! So I just retrieved it yesterday. I have also been working a lot of hours this last week, like 10 or more a day. I did however get a couple bears made and will be posting them soon.

Camping was a blast, except for the misquito's! If you didn't have bug gard on and have repelant burning you would get eaten alive. So I had to go and purchase a paper piecing from Lisa's Precious Piecings, and will be making a camping layout with them in it. But as you can see the place is beautiful. We camped just 10 miles from Leavenworth, Wa. The town is set in an old German town setting. And we did go to our favorite outdoor pub, Uncle Uli's, as I love dark german beer. They serve your dog water, as we had our pug with us. The mountains are just beautiful.

I have been researching the Copic Markers as of late and oh my gosh are they not too cool!! I have stamps, not a lot but a few and would like to find the time to make some cards. but I think that they are a must have. Would make a great 40th birthday present in Aug. I should

Well I am off today so I plan on yard work and then some scrappping later..... :)

Have a blessed day!!

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