Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Sons Graduation Card

I found some time last week-end to get this invite made for his graduation/18th birthday celebration. Well it took me till this Sunday to complete them inside and out and get them addressed to go out tomorrow, whew it's done!!!

Isn't he just too handsome? His name is Keenan. I took the picture outside our back yard.

I was inspired by a sketch that I saw I don't remember where. And as to the theme of the card, well Keenan likes that sort of thing. As well as he just finished a Real Mens course for the young men. The theme for that is swords and shields. So any how it is fitting for him. I hand drew out a pattern and then, cut out each one. I have a pazzles machine but I haven't figured out how to put my paper piecings into it????

I do have new bears and will get them out soon.

Have a blessed evening!!


  1. Sherry Keenan is a very nice looking young man, and wow if that is your backyard you are one lucky lady! I though my little pond was nice to look at!

  2. Michelle thanks, he is handsome. And yes it is my back yard. We get to play in the lake all the time and it's nice for bbq's. :)


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