Monday, June 8, 2009

My Tear Bear order is complete

This was fun and challenging all at the same my dear customer wrote me this morning and said to take my I laugh because I thought I had to have to her by the 10th and I was in crazy mod last week getting them when she wrote me I was just going on to write her and tell her that they are in the mail today.

But any how here they are she was going for the era of the 50's. This is representing a dear friend of hers and the family. There are mom and dad, and the children , various ages. There were also a few paper piecings I made to go with a few of them.

Anne, if you are reading this I hope they are everything you imagined. (smiles)

Hope you all have a blessed day. But I must get to making a bear for ebay tonight, and then there is work this afternoon.

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