Friday, May 15, 2009

New Baby Girl Tear Bear on Ebay

I have a new baby girl for you to consider. She will be out tonight on Ebay. If you want to find her, just type( Boutique Tear Bear Sherry ) in the search bar. My bears are top quality when it comes to tear bear art. I use real fabric for my dresses.

Some wonder where I buy my mulberry paper from and I buy it fron the store I have linked below, The Beary Scrap. Kimm has the best paper. It is very thick. She also has it listed on Ebay.

We have a new driver in the house, YEAH!! and daughter, the one below with her guy, just passed her Driver's Test today. She scored a 90, GREAT JOB!!! I have twomore to go. Thank goodness I am an Driver's Ed.

Have a blessed Day!


  1. Ooohh! You have really cute tear bears! I love the pads on her little paws. :) My sister love to make these too. I will send her a link to this page. :)

  2. Hi Sherry, OMG! Your tear bears are adorable! I love how you use real fabrics to design their little clothes! :) I'm so glad that I found your blog today!


  3. Your bears are too cute! :-)

  4. Hi Sherry, I have a something for you. Can you please email me...

    Thanks :)Chelsea


I appreciate hearing from my readers, thank you! Sherry