Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing around with my blog

Okay I am computer challenged!! I have spent a good part of the day trying to figure out how to make my blog have three things we do. Any how I did not succeed at it but I have added a few things.

I received an award for my blog...feeling like why me???? I am so new to this. But all the same I am honored, thank you Chelsea.

Here is a sweet bear that I have listed. My dresses are hand done by me. I actually cut the fabric and sew them. I have so much fun making these bears. I am always looking for new details to add to the dresses.

Oh and if any one is interested I still have my Pazzle's Mini Delux for sale. It was used just a few times and I received the Inspiration as a gift. There is nothing wrong with it, I just don't and can't use two of the same thing. As well as a Cricut (and I barely use So if you are interested in the Pazzle's Mini Delux let me know.

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